Imperfectly Human

An Project 20 Years in the Making

Technically, this was a band that was originally to start out as a solo project, but with now with a full backing band that gave birth to this project, has been a music project 20 years in the making, due to an creative idea of one person who put all this together, based on her previous 20-odd years' experience in the music industry's underground and independent scenes, having been in a total of 7 bands, one rap group and a self-titled solo project of her own before forming Imperfectly Human with a mix of Deaf/HoH and LGBTIQQA+ musicians in late 2020.

Imperfectly Human is like a support group, full of hard-working, creatively brilliant and amazing musicians, sitting together and working on music that is hauntingly beautiful, a bit of a tear-jerker at times, brutally honest and exploring all the emotions, political viewpoints from a leftist perspective and the issues that most people do not want to talk about, oftentimes written and performed in a third-person storytelling format, and on occasion, going into first-person viewing mode when discussing those issues/topics, giving a new meaning to musical and lyrical empathy.

Fronted by October Evans herself, she has come together with a band of musicians to form this project, and give birth to new ideas, new ideals and a new generation of multi-genre crossover music, ranging from hard rock to industrial/gothic rock, from metal to nu-metal, from punk to rap/hip-hop and beyond, transcending each genre/sub-genre and doing what no other band or solo artist or even those who has started side projects has ever done before in the history of the music industry.

Imperfectly Human is all of October's former 7 bands, rap group and self-titled solo project all merged into one imperfectly human, powerful and brutally honest band like never before seen or heard... until now.

New music is expected to come out soon in mid to late 2021 or early 2022, as the bandmates of Imperfectly Human are still currently working in multiple separate studio facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, socially distanced and putting together instrumental tracks, lyrics, vocals and more to turn into something really different and amazing, starting with the standalone singles of Imperfectly Human, Shades of Grey, Dear White People - SHUT THE FUCK UP! and Socialist Jesus which will later become part of a new EP release yet to be determined/announced soon, as of Fall/Winter 2020 when they first started to come together via remotely distanced means of online communications and working out ideas of what kind of music to make as a band.


Our new music release, Intro, is available for pre-order until its Halloween release date.

Our new music release, Intro, is available for pre-order until its Halloween release date.


New shows/tour dates TBA - COMING SOON.


Introductions (October 26th, 2020) 

Hey, what's up, everyone? We are a band called Imperfectly Human, fronted by our favorite musician/singer-songwriter (who happens to be a Deaf non-binary trans woman). We're also a multi-genre crossover band and we're pretty diverse in the musical styles we play in, and just wanted to pop in for a moment to say hi, let you know how we're doing, and to share a few brief updates with you all real quick before we head back to work in the studio facilities we're working in on brand new music coming out soon…

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Coming Soon.



Coming soon.


New Batch of Standalone Singles and an EP release

Coming soon is a brand new crowdfunding project that will focus on fundraising the studio expenses, album production costs, album artwork and other music-related costs that will go towards releasing a batch of standalone singles, and a brand new EP release that's currently being worked on.

We'll be adding more to this soon, so in the meantime, please enjoy visiting the rest of our official website.


  • If and when I donate, where will the money go to?

    Answer: all funds are going directly to our merchandising manufacturing company, the music video production company we've hired to work on music videos for the standalone singles and the upcoming EP release (yet to be titled), studio production/album production costs between 2 studio companies who will be working together to record, produce, mix, master and engineer the entire batch of standalone singles and the EP release, and will also go to our album artwork and photography teams to work on the artwork and photo shoots for our standalone singles and our EP release.

  • When will the standalone singles be released?

    Answer: we're hoping to start work this Fall/Winter season, and release at least the first 3 out of the entire 6 singles in the batch of standalone singles sometime by early Spring/Summer 2021 - when exactly, not sure on that yet though, but if you subscribe to our crowdfunding blog for updates on when the first 3 standalone singles will be released, along with updates on the remaining other 3 standalone singles, you will be able to stay in touch with us and know what's happening and what we're planning to do and so forth.

  • When will the EP be released and why hasn't the EP release have a title yet?

    Answer: due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how we had to socially distance in two separate studio facilities, along with our musicians/bandmates recording their tracks separately in their home studios, and to ensure that we all come out of this pandemic alive, healthy and safe without being infected, there will be NO definitive release date yet, but we're hoping for Fall/Winter 2021 for the EP to be released, which is why we're focusing on the 6 standalone singles at this point in time, and release them gradually, so that people can enjoy what we've done so far, and then come back to the studio facilities we're using at this time to work on the EP and release it in time for the Fall/Winter season of 2021, but chances are, that EP could be released as late as early January/February 2022 if this pandemic keeps up. And to answer your other part of this question, we are still debating what we should name the EP, and we want it to be something memorable and intriguing, exciting and something that will really make everyone think, so stick around and we'll be keep sharing updates in our crowdfunding blog to tell you more about the EP release. All we can say is that the music we've been working on is going to excite you when we start releasing the standalone singles first, and then the EP next. After that, we should have time in-between releases to release official music videos, audio stream videos, official lyric videos and there's some works in progress on the possibility of releasing at least a few animated music video versions of some of the standalone singles - we'll see how that goes and let you know!

  • How much will the standalone singles cost for me to buy? 

    Answer: well, based on how things are done in the music industry in terms of digital distribution, most singles average around 99 cents each, but some of the singles might be a bit longer than 6 minutes or 10 minutes, and could increase up to at least almost $3 each, so we'll let you know in the crowdfunding blog updates more details about the actual costs when each single is released separately.

  • How much will the EP cost when it's released for me to buy?

    Answer: as we've said before, in terms of digital distribution, except this time with an EP release (depending on how many songs are on the EP) and whatnot, we're estimating to release the EP at a price of $5.99 each for its digital release, but a physical copy of its EP release can range anywhere between $6.99 to $11.99 each, but we'll make sure to provide discount codes in the first 2-4 weeks during its release date periods to ensure that you can afford to buy the EP when it's out and available in our merchandise store for you to enjoy. We'll also release it on Bandcamp as well, so that's something we're working towards at this moment.

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